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Picture Books illustrated by Jim McMullan

As Warm as the Sun


By Kate McMullan

Illustrated by Jim McMullan

August 2019

Toby, a French bulldog, loves all the warm spots in his house—his morning sun puddle, his owner’s lap, his special spot just in front of the fireplace. But those warm spots don’t last forever. What Toby wants more than anything is to find something as warm as the sun that never fades or fizzles.

Then, one day, Pinkie comes along. Pinkie loves those warm spots, too . . . so much that she starts hogging all of Toby’s  favorite places, and he soon feels alone and forgotten.


Will Toby ever find his own special something as warm as the sun?


"Any child who has experienced the addition of a sibling will appreciate Toby’s feelings and will be happy for Toby as he discovers that his place in the home is always secure. The watercolor illustrations create a warm and cozy familial feel. A heartwarming picture book of familial love and security. A great selection for dog lovers and new ­siblings everywhere."


~Starred review, School Library Journal

“With an emphasis on friendship and openness, this story teaches young readers that change is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, we can find exactly what we want where we least expect it.


The illustrations of Jim McMullan are lush and expressive, bringing these pups to life in soft splashes of color. Visually pleasing, this picture book evokes feelings of warmth, softness, and playfulness reminiscent of playing with a real dog. Even the fiercest of cat lovers will find themselves falling in love with Toby and Pinkie.”




“Velvety, radiant watercolors, a mix of spreads and vignettes, immerse readers in the floor-adjacent landscape of a small dog’s world; the illustrator’s signature gift for evoking character with sculptural volume and density seems tailor-made for the chiseled, chunky protagonists. And while Toby’s sense of uncertainty and indignity feels authentically portrayed (“Toby felt pushed out, left out. He barked WOOF WOOF! GO AWAY!”), readers will sense that there is hope: even when he retreats to the basement and life is literally at its darkest, there are always hints of light. Ages 3–7. “

~Publishers Weekly

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