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Skype Visits

The class waves "hi," and Kate waves back!


Here are some hints for a successful Skyping session:


Please have copies of my books available in your classroom or library. I’d suggest these books:


  • I STINK! series for kindergarten

  • PEARL & WAGNER and FLUFFY for beginning readers

  • DRAGON SLAYERS’ ACADEMY and SCHOOL! for chapter book readers

  • MYTH-O-MANIA for middle graders.


Skyping is most meaningful to your students if they have read at least one of my books.


“ Through our SKYPE session with Mrs. McMullan, my students learned about how much time can go into writing a picture book. They had no idea! She was so eager and willing to share her strategies and motivation, and has inspired my students to write.


It was so important for my students to hear first hand how many times Mrs. McMullan rewrote her story before it got published. We also got to meet Toby and Pinkie and they put up an awesome show for us. We look forward to skyping with her again when she writes her next book.”


Preeti Singh, Third Grade Teacher
Livingston Park School
North Brunswick, NJ

Many teachers begin the Skype session with kids holding up

a copy of their favorite book that I've written.


  • Encourage students to ask questions about characters or how I came up with the idea.

  • I’m always happy to hear a child’s own observations about a story they’ve read.

  • Some teachers have kids work in groups to ask their questions so that everyone will get a turn. 


PLEASE, PLEASE don't have your SKYPE session with me be your first SKYPE session! Practice SKYPE-ing skills ahead of time with someone else.

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