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Authors for Earth Day


I’ve chosen to have Authors for Earth Day be a part of my spring school visits. Here’s how it works. I pledge to donate from 25% to 50% of my honorarium for the day to a non-profit conservation organization, such as the Wildlife Conservation Society or Blue Ocean Institute. About six weeks before my visit, I’ll send you a list of five organizations that I’ve chosen and your students can do age-appropriate research on them.


Authors for Earth Day provides activities to help prepare for the day. Right before my visit, your students will vote on which charity should receive the donation and I will reveal the winner on the big day. As Authors for Earth Day says, "Most kids have never had a voice in the world, so it's quite amazing to empower a whole school in this special way!”

Please visit my page of the Authors for Earth Day site and see what all the excitement is about!


These three books have connections with Earth Day:


The Stinky Truck says "Don't throw everything in the garbage. It's too much for me to haul. RECYCLE!"


These Mamas and their babies live in a rain forest, a wonderful topic for Earth Day discussions.


When we talk about the Myth-o-Mania series, I'll bring in the story of Gaia, the ancient Greek conception of Mother Earth. 

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