When I was researching I’M SMART!, the lovely people on this page allowed me to call them up and ask them questions about driving a school bus. I asked about the engine, the gear shift, emergency exits, and so on, but what came across was how much they looked forward to seeing the kids on their route each day and how they worked hard to make the ride fun, and to get their passengers safely to school and safely home again. Each one o...

When I learned that my daughter Leigh was going to become a mother, I was over the moon with happiness. I wanted to write a book for the new baby, and for the new mama, too. I thought back to the time when Leigh was born. I remembered how exhausting it was to have a new baby and that sometimes I wanted to put my baby to bed not so much because she was tired, but because I was. Tired mamas and their not-so-tired babies were the inspi...

Inspiration can definitely come from a bad experience. When a garbage truck parked under our window and started compacting trash in the middle of the night, it woke me up. The only thing I felt inspired to do was to go down to the street and tell the sanitation workers to please park their truck under someone else’s window the next night. But then I saw the garbage truck. It had an old couch in its hopper and was slowly and LOUDLY c...

When I taught 4th grade in Los Angeles, I had a student in my class named Dale. He  was small for his age, he wasn’t good at sports, and he didn’t seem to have many friends, but I discovered that he had a sly sense of humor. Kids would come up to my desk and ask for help in math.  Dale lined up at my desk, too, but instead of asking for help, he’d tell me knock knock jokes. I’d always crack up and ask him to tell everyone. In time,...

Our cat Wendy started out as a Superkitten. How many kittens do you know who can do karate? She grew up to be a Supercat and had many hidden powers.  

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