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How Do You Go To Sleep?

By Kate McMullan

Illustrated by Sydney Hanson

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Meerkats sleep in a stack.  Is that how you go to sleep?  Do you poke your nose out of the water and doze-float, like seals do?  Or stand on one foot, like a parrot, with your head nestled in your feathers?


No, that can’t be right!


Animals around the world have different ways to getting all tucked in.  Visit them in their habitats – and then share your own kiss good night!

Seals sleep while floating. Dolphins swim in their sleep with one eye open. The meerkat “sleeps in a heap” with the rest of its family. Most interestingly, the octopus changes color during sleep. “How Do You Go to Sleep?” shows children attempting to mimic animal sleeping behaviors. Then a brown-skinned human family wraps up with familiar rituals like turning off the light and bedtime kisses. Young readers will want to cuddle up with the cozy animal babies and may chuckle as the kids try out the different sleeping methods. VERDICT A bedtime book that will soothe and please children and caregivers.–Richelle Rose, Kenton County Public Library, KY

How Do You Take a Bath

By Kate McMullan

Illustrated by Sydney Hanson

October 2018


Everybody needs a bath sometimes, even hippos! But how do they manage it? 
Visit this page to see how some animals bathe.


"McMullan offers a rhyming bathtime book that looks at all the different ways our animal friends keep themselves clean. From kittens licking themselves to monkey mamas combing through fur, all animals approach their cleaning routines differently. But what about those lovable little humans in our lives? They can’t let fish nibble on them as turtles do or wallow in mud with the piggies! Kids will enjoy seeing pictures of animal favorites getting clean, but they will really laugh as they see children trying to bathe themselves in the same ways as their animal counterparts."

Kirkus Reviews

Mama's Kisses

By Kate McMullan

Illustrated by Tao Nyeu

Dial Books 2017


It's bedtime in the rain forest, but baby panda, elephant, orangutan, and leopard are nowhere to be found. Their mamas set out to look for their wayward little ones, calling them to bed with a soft lullaby. But look! The baby animals are crawling, creeping, hiding, and giggling, playfully staying just one step ahead of their loving mamas.


  • “McMullan’s rhymes are spot on in every way, and despite spiky moments of mischief, the overall impression is comforting and lulling.“

Publisher’s Weekly, Starred review

  • “There are countless picture books about mothers and babies, and even more about bedtime, but this charmer is a standout.”

Booklist, Starred Review

If You Were My Bunny

Written by Kate McMullan

Illustrated by David McPhail

Cartwheel Books Scholastic, 1996

In print for over 20 years and still going strong!


Soon to be available in a StoryPlay™ edition

I wrote this book the first summer our daughter was off at sleep-away camp.  Only then did it hit me that my nights of singing lullabies were over, which made me sad.  One night at dusk I was sitting on our porch in Sag Harbor, looking out at the cove, and I saw a mother duck leading her line of little ones across the water. 

I wondered what lullabies she might sing -- er, quack -- to her babies. 

The Amazing Adventures of Supercat!

Making the World Safe for Blankies 

By Kate McMullan

Illustrated by Pascal LeMaitre

Workman Publishing, 2011

Here at last -- a superhero who understands babies!  Meet Supercat and his trusty friends, Super Mouse, and Super Phone.  Be amazed as this super team helps babies everywhere.

Bulldog's Big Day

By Kate McMullan

Illustrated by Pascal LeMaitre

Scholastic, 2011

Bulldog is looking for a job. Should he be a fire fighter?  A window washer?  A sign painter? A book seller?  What's the right job for him?  

Inspired by Kate's bulldogs, Pinkie and Toby.  Learn more about what is behind some of Kate's books on our INSPIRATION page. 

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