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Planning for a School Visit

Each spring, I enjoy going into schools and talking with children, teachers and librarians. My usual day consists of three assemblies for kids in K-1, 2-3, and 4-5/6. Sometimes I have an Authors’ Lunch with students who write short essays saying why they want to have lunch with the author, and I sign books. I’m happy to work with school visit coordinators to design the best day for their school.  

For the assemblies, I travel with only a USB drive, so I'll need a laptop or computer set up with Microsoft Power Point, a projector, a large screen, and a microphone, preferably cordless, so that I can walk around. If there’s a remote with a laser pointer, all the better.


The more familiar your students are with my books, the more they will get out of the author visit. Often, a teacher or librarian will read a particular book aloud to a class or a grade level, which provides a common experience for the students.  You can find book-related activities here under Activity Pages


“Kate McMullan's visit was one of the literary highlights of our school year and students, staff and community members are still talking about this memorable event. Her books continue to be some of the most popular books borrowed from our school library and the local public library. Kate touched the storyteller in each of us, inspiring all of us to get lost in a book.”


Vikki Bradley School Library Media Specialist Bedford Hills Elementary School Bedford Hills, NY

Honorarium and Expenses


My honorarium for spending the day at your school, doing three presentations and signing books is $2,000. If you need a fourth assembly, my fee for the day is $2,200. 

About the Author


I’ve taught 4th and 6th grades, and have written over one-hundred books for children. Each fall and spring, I enjoy visiting schools and giving presentations that explore how stories spring from many sources, and helping young writers tune in to their own potential story ideas.


Jim and I live on the 16th floor of a New York City apartment building overlooking Central Park. We find inspiration in the sights and sounds and smells — think I STINK! — of this city every day.

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