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Retold by Kate McMullan, Illustrated by Pascal LaMaitre

Henry Holt & Company

Carlo Collodi’s tale of a naughty puppet first appeared in a Roman newspaper a chapter at a time. Almost every chapter ended with a cliff-hanger that left readers thinking, “This must be the end of Pinocchio!” They had to wait a whole week to find out whether the feisty puppet lived or died. The newspaper stories became so popular that Collodi published them as a book, which has been loved by readers for more than a hundred years. And now we have Pinocchio’s wild adventures retold by Kate McMullan and illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre in a graphic novel, offering new readers a brand new way of reading a classic story. 

SCHOOL! Adventures at the Harvey N Trouble Elementary School

Written by Kate McMullan, Inspired and Illustrated by George Booth

Feiwel & Friends

Winner: Junior Library Guild Selection

Bankstreet 2001 Best Children's Books of the Year

Say hello to Ron Faster and his friends, Izzy Normal, Anita Dawg, Ivana Snack, and Chuckie Upkins.  Say hello to the principal, Miss Ingashoe, who's missing something.  Say hello to the science teacher's dog, Einstein, who doesn't miss a thing.  Say LOOK OUT to the school bus driver, Ivan Stuckinaditch.

The Story of Harriet Tubman: Conductor of the Underground Railroad

Written by Kate McMullan

Dell Yearling Biography

A slave from birth, young Harriet was known as Minty. She was forced to work in the fields and was treated harshly by her owner. As a grown woman, she risked her life to flee North to escape slavery. But her own freedom wasn’t enough. She wanted to lead others to freedom, too. Harriet became a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, returning South again and again to rescue over 300 slaves. Harriet Tubman’s heroism is an inspiration to people around the world.

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