Picture Books illustrated by Jim McMullan



By Kate McMullan Illustrated by Jim McMullan

Joanna Cotler Books/HarperCollins

August 2010

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Bankstreet selection for the 2011 Best Children's Books of the Year, Under Five


"A purple sauropod finds that his herd has left him behind in the McMullans' (I'm Bad!) slangy, loosely rhymed story about discovering one's strengths. Along his journey, the long-necked sauropod meets dinos of all shapes and sizes, and when faced with claws, fangs, and spikes, he realizes that he's "a whole lotta lizard!" and uses what he's got to scare his enemies away ("I'm a mountain on the move! I am thunder comin' at you"). All's well at the end of the day ("Sure feels good bein' with my biggies"), but it's unlikely the dino or readers will soon forget such a big adventure. Ages 4–8.)"

Starred Review, Publishers Weekly

He’s BIG, a whole lotta lizard-thunder comin’ at you! But he’s also…lost. Have you seen his herd?


BOOM, BOOM! Uh, oh!


Help this sorry sauropod find his pals before he becomes lunch for some hungry predator. Yikes!

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