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I love writing books for kids. I’ve written books for babies, books for toddlers and preschoolers, books for beginning readers, and books for kids in 4th, 5th and 6th grades, the kids I used to teach. I always have new projects in the works, and you can check out all my books right here.


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Works in Progress


How Do You Go To Sleep?

By Kate McMullan

Illustrated by Sydney Hanson

Coming Soon!


Meerkats sleep in a stack.  Is that how you go to sleep?  Do you poke your nose out of the water and doze-float, like seals do?  Or stand on one foot, like a parrot, with your head nestled in your feathers?


No, that can’t be right!


Animals around the world have different ways to getting all tucked in.  Visit them in their habitats – and then share your own kiss good night!

Seals sleep while floating. Dolphins swim in their sleep with one eye open. The meerkat “sleeps in a heap” with the rest of its family. Most interestingly, the octopus changes color during sleep. “How Do You Go to Sleep?” shows children attempting to mimic animal sleeping behaviors. Then a brown-skinned human family wraps up with familiar rituals like turning off the light and bedtime kisses. Young readers will want to cuddle up with the cozy animal babies and may chuckle as the kids try out the different sleeping methods. VERDICT A bedtime book that will soothe and please children and caregivers.–Richelle Rose, Kenton County Public Library, KY

Happy Springtime!

By Kate McMullan

Illustrated by SuJean Rim

Coming in March, 2021

Written on a cold, dark winter’s day, HAPPY SPRINGTIME is a celebration of winter’s end, of the days growing longer and lighter and warmer, and the earth coming alive again. Green shoots sprout from the soil while tiny frogs peep in ponds. Children run in fields of new grass and winter-born babies blink in the light of their first spring. Ducklings swim in a line following their mama, and all around, the world is singing HAPPY SPRINGTIME!  

This is the Tree

By Kate McMullan

Coming Spring 2022

A group of kindergarten kids plants a sapling on Earth Day and watches it grow into a big leafy tree with resident robins, squirrels, a hawk, spiders lizards, caterpillars and more. Told in the rollicking rhyme scheme of This is the House that Jack Built, THIS IS THE TREE shows kids everywhere how a tree they plant on Earth Day is a home to many of the earth’s animals.  

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